Today I'll Just Give Him the Alphabet

They say there was a farmer who was in his field on a Friday afternoon and he forgot to watch his time closely and the sun sank so he couldn't travel home to celebrate the Seder and the Sabbath with his family.

He was forced to spend the entire day in his field until sundown the next night. 
So Saturday night when he goes home, he's met by his wife who is quite irate, as well as by a quite irate rabbi who scolds him for being so careless. 

But then the rabbi said to the farmer, “Now, did you at least pray out in the field? You spent the day missing Sabbath. Did you at least pray?” 

The farmer said, “Well, rabbi, I'm not that bright a man and all the prayers I knew I was able to say in about five minutes. 
So what I did, I spent the rest of the day just reciting the alphabet, thinking to my self that God is intelligent, he can make words out of all those letters.”

The alphabet of our lives—the anger, the bitterness, the praise, the joys—we lift them up and we let God make the words of our lives. 

H/T To Ron Rolheiser for the story


Anonymous said...

Love it Phil. I think we all need a night in the field from time to time.

Philomena Ewing said...

LOL Andie- great comment ! I agree
as long as we don't end up being permanently homeless !