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Egyptian protestor Wael Gohnim has been described as a Christ - like figure.

The Google administrator, Head of Marketing for The Middle EAst and North Africa set up a Facebook Page dedicated to a 28 year old blogger beaten to death in Alexandria  on June 6th 2010 for writing the truth about oppression in Egypt. 

Photo: Google Inc. executive Wael Ghonim (second from left) 
addresses protesters gathered Tuesday at Tahrir Square in Cairo. 
Credit: Dylan Martinez / Reuters

He called for demonstrations in Egypt on 25 Jan -  and helped to spark the current uprising in Egypt  against President Hosni Mubarak's oppressive regime.

Wael received a thunderous welcome today, 8th February when he joined a massive demonstration in Tahrir Square the day after he was released from 12 days of detention, according to news reports from Cairo.  His appearance seems to have re-invigorated the crowd who have been occupying the square for two weeks now.
Many in the crowd said they were inspired by watching the heart wrenching and emotional interviews of Wael Ghonim, which can be seen below.
One protester in Tahrir Square on Tuesday, Ahmed Meyer El Shamy, an executive with an international pharmaceutical company, told The  New York Times, “many, many people” had resolved to join the demonstration “because of what they saw on TV last night. 
“I’ve been following since it started, but after last night I realized I couldn’t stay away any more,” says Ahmed Osman, who was inspired to join the protests in Cairo based on Ghonim’s statements. “Our demands are simple, and they haven’t been met.

Ghonim spoke briefly to the crowd, telling them, “We will not abandon our demand and that is the departure of the regime.”
When he finished speaking, the crowd erupted in cheering, whistling and deafening applause, AP said.
Protesters also gathered outside the parliament building in the capital and in Alexandria, Egypt’s second-largest city, Al Jazeera’s English-language network reported.

Please take the time to watch these interviews via The New York Times of this extraordinarily brave and humble man. They are also available on You Tube.
They have been split into four parts to make it easier for the translators.
They are in English subtitles

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