Beatification of Pope John Paul II May 1st

The Beatification of Pope John Paul II is on Sunday May 1st .  

I won't be in Rome until the late afternoon so will miss the morning service but no doubt the celebrations will continue into the evening !! 

Beatification Day forecast: Rain, High 69 !!

Link to Vatican Site for all on Beatification

Video tribute to JPII is below

In this file photo taken Sept. 11, 2002, then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger  of Germany, left, now Pope Benedict XVI, is seen with late Pope John  Paul II during mass in St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican. 

Fr. James Martin S.J in an interesting article here for America Magazine explains that he has a liking for John Paul II the person despite disagreeing on some of his efficacy and decisions as a Pope. The comments section for this article is also worth reading.

There are also some concerns over the fast tracking of the beatification and the veracity of the claims of a miracle addressed below.

I admired John Paul II because it was clear that he was a man of extraordinary spiritual strength and courage. He was a great motivator of young people and when he first became Pope he burst onto the scene and gave great hope that the papacy would become more open.
I didn't agree with all he did but his personal charisma and energy to spread the faith was inspirational.

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