Getting Ready for Vatican Blogging 2nd May

Bags nearly packed ! 

I know of Rocco Palmo, ( Whispers In The Loggia) Elizabeth Scalia, ( The Anchoress)

and Federico Lombardi S.J. ( photo on left : Director of the Holy See Office, Head of Vatican Radio and TV - some info on him here but none of the other names on the panels ring a bell so will need to do some research. . 

My first thoughts on seeing the agenda was that it is a long way to go for a relatively short programme but because it's scheduled the day after the Beatification that may be a good enough reason- attention spans are likely to be short.

That means more time for shopping and pasta .. oh and praying of course !

Pontifical Council for Social Communications
                                 THE OFFICIAL PROGRAMME FOR THE BLOG MEETING

15.30 Registration 
16.00 A Word of Welcome: His Eminence Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, President, 

MODERATOR: Rocco Palmo 
François Jeanne-Beylot
Andrés Beltramo
Elizabeth Scalia
P. Roderick Vonhögen
Matia Madasco

7.30 Pause 

18.00 PANEL II 
MODERATOR: P. Antonio Spadaro S.J.
P. Federico Lombardi S.J.
P. Lucio Ruiz
Thaddeus Jones
Eva Janosikova 
Marco Sanavio

19.15 Conclusions: His Excellency Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli, President, 

Place:  Sala Congressi, Palazzo Pio X, entrance by via dell’ospedale, off via della Conciliazione, 5. 

Twitter Feed: #vbm11

Participants:  Bloggers (max. 150).
Free (without cost).

Possibility of a live-feed.
Languages and translations service: English, Italian, Spanish, French 
Internet – Wireless access will be available


Travel and lodging costs: No grants or economic support will be available as the event coincides with the beatification of John Paul II. No assistance will be given in arranging lodging, visas etc. 
No speakers fees are foreseen.

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