Benedictine Nuns and the Internet

 Did you know that Benedictines were responsible for the internet ?!

Me neither, but click here to listen to blogging Benedictine aka"The Digital Nun", Sister Catherine Wybourne.

She is Prioress of East Hendred Holy Trinity Cloistered Monastery, Oxfordshire, UK, 
( the smallest Benedictine monastery in the world)  and she shares her experience of using the internet as a person of faith and some of her concerns on the use of "virtual space."

This talk was given as part of the RSA Faith 2.0: Religion and the Internet -one day conference on 14th Apr 2011 whose aims are quoted from here :

"As the winds of political change are channelled through fibre-optic cables and wireless internet waves across North Africa and the Middle East, we are reminded once again of the remarkable paradigm shift ushered in by the internet. This shift has impacted nearly every area of contemporary life, and religion is no exception.

Faith 2.0 will explore this, one of today’s most pressing questions: How has religion been impacted by information technology and how has the public sphere in turn been influenced by this interaction?

Panellists and audience members engage in a lively discussion on the topics of Religious Identity and Internet; Religious Communities Online; and Religious Authority and Online Extremism."

The website of Sister Catherine - iBenedictines is here 

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