Resurrection 2011 Trying to Explain

Fr. Richard Rohr often seems to supply the right words at the times when words are difficult to express. 

Lighting easter candle from brazier

For me personally it's been a particularly long haul through Lent this year... but there is nothing like an Easter vigil ceremony to reignite the flame of hope.

So I'm looking forward to going to the service this evening in Penzance, Cornwall.

I like the way Rohr helps me to see what celebrating the resurrection of Jesus means in these words :
"Christ Crucified is all of the hidden, private, tragic pain of history made public and given over to God.
Christ resurrected is all of that private, ungrieved, unnoted suffering received, loved, and transformed by an All-Caring God. How else could we believe in God at all? How else could we have any kind of cosmic hope?
How else would we not die of sadness for what humanity has done to itself and to one another?
Jesus is the blueprint, the plan, the pattern revealed in one body and moment of history to reveal the meaning of all of history and each of our lives.
The cross is the banner of what we do to one another and to God.
The resurrection is the banner of what God does to us in return.
Easter is the announcement of God’s perfect and final victory......."

And if that doesn't  leave us all a little speechless for a least a day or so I don't know what to say. 

This is my last post for a few days... Will be back again on Tuesday.

Wishing everyone a Very Happy and joyful Easter full of the blessings and love of the risen Christ.  

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