Critique of The John Jay Report

Methinks this is a well written, balanced critique by journalist Mark Silk of the John Jay College Report on the "causes and context" of the sexual abuse crisis in American Catholicism. 

Click here to read the article from today's UK Guardian.

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No doubt the analysis will continue so more will follow as time goes by...

From my own point of view the clerical culture that prevails was and still is a major factor in the problems of the church and remains largely unexplored.

Other comments :

The objectivity and neutrality of the study is debatable as the funds for these studies came from the very people the studies were investigating (think tobacco industry here.)
 Favorable definitions and parameters were created to make it seem as if fewer were abused than was actually the case.
The Philadelphia board of review’s statements point to major discrepancies  —" a multiplier of two, three or four times — between the numbers of perpetrators that the prosecutors find and what the bishops released.”
 I don't find  the “blame modernity” argument at all convincing.
Spiritual formation and direction in the seminaries and in the ongoing formation of priests is still problematic because the institutional clerical culture that contains and nurtures it is defective.

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