Virtual Spirituality and Reality Some Questions

Thanks to Pithless Thoughts for this one !!

This deceptively simple cartoon poses some important questions and prompted me to reflect in several ways on how blogging has become a type of spiritual home for me, my blogging friends and readers in the two years since I started writing.

I am interested to know what people think .

Some questions...

  • Do people who don't know you blog get a surprise when they read what you write about your faith ?!!
  • Is there a disconnect between what you do online and what you do everywhere else ?!
  • For those who write blogs about faith/spirituality : has blogging become an essential part of your spiritual journey?
  • Do we bloggers now form both a real and virtual community just as or more important  than going to church events ? 

         (I'm not counting Mass and the Eucharist/Sacraments)

  • In what ways has blogging helped or hindered you along your spiritual journey and in daily life and also in community ?
  • Are there any bloggers that have become your Christian spiritual mentors ? These are people who have, through their writing influenced the way you approach and view God.
  •  Does blogging and reading others blogs have any meaningful impact on the way you live your Christian life (both good and bad) ?
  • Does putting yourself spiritually "out front" online sometimes expose you to ridicule or criticism from others and how do you deal with that ?

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