An Eventful Holiday Close Call on Independence of The Seas

MS Independence of the Seas cruise ship docked...Image via Wikipedia
We had a close call on holiday.

We had a near miss on the ship at Gibraltar, our first port of call from Southampton.
I was outside on Deck 11 and heard an almighty bang and the ship dropped.
People began to react and some of us thought a plane had crashed into the side of the ship and then we saw huge plumes of smoke coming from the side.

This video link below shows how near the ship was to what turned out to be an exploding fuel tank on the shore.

The captain got us out and away within four minutes which is pretty amazing given the size of the ship. It could have been a lot worse as you can see in the video there were two fuel tanks in close proximity and also the fuel tanks on the ship could easily have ignited.

Twelve passengers were injured and one of two men who were working on the fuel tank was critically injured.

These are a couple of photos I took from the ship from a much safer distance (!)  as we left the scene.

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