Monday Morning Ordinary Time

So now after Pentecost we are faced with a long stretch of time that in some ecclesiastical circles is called "Ordinary Time." and we try to find God in the everyday situations of life in the everyday things that we do.

God is present in everything not just those things that we would traditionally call holy.  

So fellow travellers, Anamcara, Soul Friends, as we continue to tread along our spiritual path; let us know we are never alone as the Holy Spirit  is always there beside us to help us in the process of  "Sanctifying the Whole Day." 

Images above and below from Stephen Cuyos via Flickr from  here 

This concept has its roots in early monasticism and St. Paul tells us to pray unceasingly and in so doing sanctify the day, or in other words sanctify the ordinary.

Got the rhythm and the beat ?
Here we go... a little Flamenco Rumi ...

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