Follow up to First Vatican Blog Fest Report

Thanks to Rocco Palmo for this:                    Great - some good news to report...

The Vatican Blogging Conference six weeks ago now gets an official follow up statement from L'Osservatore Romano:

from Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli, President of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications,(PCSC).

Perhaps the key part of the statement is the last paragraph on the answer to the question :

After this initial step, will there be other meetings?

"I think so, but not like this one. We should try to find another formula, and I think that the bloggers themselves could help us to identify one, telling us what would be of interest to them, explaining to us whether or not there would be any point in meeting two offices of the Holy See again, or how these gatherings could have positive repercussions on other local realities.

We could organize local gatherings or language groups. 

We wish to meet them again and to listen to one another. I believe that the Church today must enter into respectful “dialogue with the contemporary world”. 

We need to understand one another, listen to one another. 
We as the Holy See want to be authentic, but also respectful and capable of listening patiently."

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