Wednesday 12th Week Ordinary Time 2011 Mass and Reflections

Mass Readings for Today are here

Gospel Matthew 7: 15-20

Jesus said to his disciples:
“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing,
but underneath are ravenous wolves.

By their fruits you will know them.
Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?

Just so, every good tree bears good fruit,
and a rotten tree bears bad fruit.

A good tree cannot bear bad fruit,
nor can a rotten tree bear good fruit.

Every tree that does not bear good fruit will be cut down
and thrown into the fire.
So by their fruits you will know them.”


Ah, how simple life used to be ; when sheep were sheep and even the sheep in wolves clothing were reasonably straightforward to spot: but life seems to have got steadily more complicated these days ................

we have to watch out for black sheepdogs with wolves in one eye and a human in the other and then .....

Dear God, how I need to pray continuously for your power of discernment................ !!

Here's a link to a short extract from a video from Richard Rohr on using the Enneagram as a tool for discernment................

( sorry I can't post the actual video as the embed code has been disabled )

Richard Rohr describesThe Enneagram "as an ancient spiritual tool for teaching discrimination between good and evil, between sin and virtue. 

It has foundations in all three of the monotheistic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Sufi Islam, because the wisdom is universal, deep and life-changing for all searching peoples."

For those who already know something about the Enneagram Richard Rohr's website has some useful post conference resources and handouts from this video on the enneagram e.g here and another here . and here 

If you are clueless as to what the Enneagram is about then the above will be pretty useless !! but there's plenty on the internet and there is also Myers Briggs or have these fallen out of favour/ considered passe now ?

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