June 19th 2011 Holy Trinity Sunday Mass and Reflections

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Just as I was beginning to nuzzle down into the the comforting rhythms of "Ordinary Time"  the liturgical calendar throws up the extraordinary feast of The Holy Trinity this Sunday to exercise my already befuddled brain.

Mass readings and various commentaries for this coming Sunday can be found here
including a fine one from Ron Rolheiser from here on the rich meaning behind the
mystery of the Holy Trinity.


There is a story told of a woman greeting a priest as she left the church after Mass on Trinity Sunday morning.

“I must say Father, your sermon this morning was like the peace of God”.

The priest is very pleased with himself at this comment and says, “Why thank you, why do you say that?”

“Because smiled the woman, it passed all understanding”.

It comes as no surprise that this Sunday has often been referred to as the preacher's nightmare .... 

St Augustine warned that anyone who disbelieves the Trinity is in danger of losing their salvation . . . and that anyone who attempts to understand it is in danger of losing their mind!

This is my effort to post on Trinity Sunday from last year which includes reference to a culinary Holy Trinity

and another one from last year from here 

Peter Woods also has an interesting post titled "Can We Tweak the Trinity?" from here

and there are two fine and short 
(lovely!) sermons for the price of one from here

For many people today 
it is a sad reality that their understanding of The Holy Trinity may be related more closely to the cartoon on the left than anything else.

Click here for a commentary on the Trinity from Patheos

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May you be broken enough to help one another,
For wholeness comes from healing.

May you disagree enough to hear one another
For oneness comes from listening.

May you be lonely enough to hold one another
For touch defeats division and discord.

In the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ,
The love of God,
And the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

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