Updates on Same Sex Marriage/Civil Unions and the Catholic Church

In many countries around the globe, the institution of marriage is in flux as governments consider whether to allow gay couples the right to marry or enter into other legally recognized forms of domestic partnership and statistics show numbers entering heterosexual marriage at an all time low in many Western countries.

Currently, countries around the world, offer varying levels of marriage rights to gay couples and the issue has proved contentious for many religions.

Two follow up articles today , both from the NCR on the issue of homosexual civil unions / marriage or a rose by any other name arrangement and the position of the Catholic church in the light of recent legislation in New York.

The editorial from the NCR today July 5th does a pretty fair job on analysing some of the reasons for the loss of credibility of the Catholic hierarchy on sexual matters.

"The vote approving same-sex marriage in New York is the latest and most glaring confirmation of some gloomy news for the Catholic church in the United States, and it’s not that gays have achieved the right to marry. 

Rather, affirmed in the recent vote is the disturbing reality that the Catholic hierarchy has lost most of its credibility with the wider culture on matters of sexuality and personal morality, just as it has lost its authority within the Catholic community on the same issues." Read the rest of the article here.

and Phyllis Zagano also weighs up the position here

Gay Marriage around the Globe : site a little out of date now - somebody should  update this!!  The Pew Forum has other useful information,but  again needs updating on the issue from here.

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