Do I Repeat Myself ?

In the hiatus of waiting for Disqus to sort out my comments system I have had more time than normal to do some bloghopping and a few recent posts made me pause and reflect.

The feature of note common to many sites is one that affects increasingly more bloggers as we approach a third or more year of blogging .

Those bloggers who have already navigated these doldrums may well have some good advice for the rest of us on how to emerge from this period with fresh winds in our sails.

The question is what to write about when you feel you have covered as much of the ground as you think you can without repeating oneself.

And so it came to pass that I came across this article from The Atlantic enticingly called "Do I Repeat Myself ?" from which this wonderful quote below is taken:

"Would I had phrases that are not known,” the scribe laments, “in new language that has not been used not an utterance which has grown stale, which men of old have spoken.”

If like me you are a lover of words then reading this article alone is a glorious lesson in wordcraft and elegant use of language and maybe that's at least one good enough reason to want to continue writing _ to seek to become a better writer !

So, friends, peers and my trusted advisors, (I sound like Mark Anthony in Julius Caesar here !),  I am reaching out to you for your ideas and views to set the expectations you may want for the future.

It's an age old dilemma and I am most receptive to your personal thoughts and experiences.

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