Woodstock and World Youth Day Update

I am delighted that RJ over at his brilliant blog When Love Comes To Town has picked up on one of my recent posts here about Woodstock and The World Youth Day in Madrid.

I have followed RJ's posts for over two years now and I know him to be passionate about music and also about his Christian faith and I don't know of anyone more genuinely able and qualified to combine the two in a fresh and stimulating way. 

XXVI World Youth Day

If you get a chance please read his take here on Monsignor Delgado and Fr Lombardi's recent controversial comments on why the World Youth Day will not be a "Catholic Woodstock."

It's Part One of Two - and I am eagerly looking forward to Part Two.

Thanks for this Dave . I just wish the aforementioned Vatican spokesmen could read what you have to say. 
It's full of vision, wisdom and balanced insight.

I would also welcome more comments/views on this post as music and faith are so important to me and many others I know who visit here.
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