Abbot Patrick Hederman and Fr Timothy Radcliffe OSB John Main Seminar in 2011 Cork, Ireland

I found these by chance when looking for something totally different. 
Serendipity eh ? 
I hope you find them useful.

The John Main Seminar is a major event hosted annually in different countries. 

This year it was led by the English Dominican Timothy Radcliffe and hosted by the Irish Christian Meditation Community in Cork, Ireland. 

Fr Timothy gave the first of the Seminar's talks on the theme of Love and the crisis of leadership in the church and here gives a brief but very good summary.

The next video is a Homily given by Abbot of Glenstal Abbey, Patrick Hederman OSB
on prayer . 

I love this quote of his on different approaches to prayer:

"Everyone to their own favourite tube station .....
It doesn't really matter which entry point you use as long as it leads you to the underground."

Wonderful. I could listen to this man all day, just for his lilting accent that reminds me of home. I have posted on him elsewhere in my blog and have two of his books - they both challenge and inspire me.

Fr. Radcliffe's talks in Cork don't seem to be available on You Tube but I have found these brief but pithy ones on the themes of Faith, Hope and Love and for good measure a bonus one on Pilgrimage . They are each only a couple of minutes long...

His introduction is from BlackFriars Oxford 

This one is on Faith

Now Hope

 Then Love

Finally Pilgrimage

A Young Participant speaks about how meditation brought him back to his faith at the seminar in Cork this summer. (Not brilliant sound quality but good content.)

Music group play at John Main Seminar( again, not that high a quality)

The John Main Seminar of Fall 2009 series of videos featuring the brilliant Fr. Laurence Freeman, O.S.B., founder of the John Main Center at Georgetown University, Washington, here speaks "On The Upside of Down." with a very light touch !!

This is the first  one of 8 that can all be found from this one link on You Tube.

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