The Revised Version of Roman Missal Small Doses

Last Sunday we were introduced in a bizarre way to very small parts of the so called "new liturgy" as if the hierarchy thinks that by imbibing this revised version of the Roman Missal in small doses it would induce more tolerance in the "peasant masses and intelligentsia" and prevent a nasty virus of rebellion and dissent breaking out and spreading panic through the pews.

 We were duly inoculated with an accompanying pastoral letter from our Bishop gently persuading us to try out the new rubric and that of course we would  (wouldn't we?) in due time, adjust to it . 

Verily  it would become as natural as the act of breathing.

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Obedience and order will eventually prevail - all WILL be happy. 

Our dim beclouded countenances and vacant bemused thoughts will become enspangled in heavenly appreciation and celebration of our redemption from previous banal utterances. So shall it be.

Here in this article Michael MacLachlan , a London-based Catholic and journalist gives his response to the changes,  which I broadly agree with.

I add personal response to it : i.e. that after reams and hours of study from our "masters" we still have not one iota of  concession to a necessary change for this phrase in the credo that I cannot say because it sticks in my gullet every time I read it :

"For us MEN and for our salvation He came down from heaven"  

Yes it is STILL there.

The word mankind could have been an acceptable generic insertion but a change to "man and woman" an even better one. 

Disgusting !!  What is even more risible is that the select coterie of theologians that drew this revised version up expect me to believe that it somehow is a force that will lead to a deeper appreciation of what the mass means and better evangelisation 
.... ah yes that would be the story of the mystery of faith for MEN then.

The excellent Pray Tell Blog helps us navigate the controversy further here
and for a bit of wicked humour ( for God knows we need a laugh these days) this video, although a bit dated and geared principally to the USA audience is priceless 
( video sourced from here)

There are two parts to this video but the second one will not load for some reason.

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