I Need

Heard this in the car today .... someone called Maverick Sabre ...great name; he has been dubbed the male Amy Winehouse in a Wayne Rooney body.

The song + video sum up well the vague anomie felt by some people today.... and go well with the words below it too.

Conveniences .......... 
a satirical look at 21st century life in the "materially rich, spiritually poor"  countries.............

Our communication - wireless
Our telephone - cordless
Our food - fatless
Our education - valueless
Our faith - Godless 
Our business - cashless

Our bosses - hopeless
Our politics - shameless

Our youth - jobless
Our commitment - aimless

Our attitude - careless
Our conduct - worthless

Our feelings - heartless
Our relations - loveless

Our follies - countless
Our arguments - baseless

Our jobs - thankless
Our salary - less and less

Our needs- endless


I recognise that this is an overly bleak view of the times and one which I do not personally share but Pope Benedict's call for a New Evangelisation has to reach a large sector of the population in Western countries who "do" have an outlook similar to this; teenagers and young adults who feel so disconnected from the social norms and for whom the church's message is more likely to reach deaf ears or not even reach them at all..

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