Advent Art and Videos Brother Micky McGrath and More Advent Resources

Daniel Bonnell is one of my favourite artists and his website has a feast of images, among them many for Advent and the Christmas season. Enjoy...

Below is a series of great Advent videos from another great artist, Brother Micky McGrath. 

These videos are posted early but if I don't post them now I'll probably forget ! Also at the end of the post is a link to Godspace where Christine Sine has added updates and links to even more resources......

In Advent 2010 Brother Mickey McGrath, Father Jeff Putthoff and some youth and staff at Hopeworks Camden USA, put together a few video advent reflections. 

Brother Mickeys paintings were used as a starting point and people who lived or worked  in Camden were asked to talk about the painting, Camden, and the meaning of the Advent Season. This one features Andrea Ferich of the Centre for Environmental Transformation in Camden.

If you enjoy them please pass them on to friends and family

The Annunciation 

 Mary's Yes

Joseph's Dream 

 The Mystic Rose

This last video goes way forward to the Epiphany but it makes sense to put it with the others so they are all in one place.

The Epiphany

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