Christmas Eve

This carol from the Outer Hebrides Islands was originally a Gaelic carol titled "Taladh Chriasda."

"Christ Child's Lullaby" was translated into English in 1855. Father Ranald Rankin wrote verses for his congregation in Maidert to sing in Gaelic at Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, as it is to this day in Scottish churches.

The video is set in Assisi at Christmas time.

This carol is a verbal representation of what the Blessed Virgin Mary may have felt while gazing on her Son's face.

The Christ Child's Lullaby
Sung by Sheena Wellington by Narada on the CD Celtic Spirit.(Please buy it. Wonderful music.)

My love my treasured one are you
my sweet and lovely son are you
you are my love my darling you
Unworthy I of you

Alleluia ...

Your mild and gentle eyes proclaim
the loving heart with which you came
a tender helpless tiny babe
with boundless gifts of grace


King of kings most holy one
God a son eternal one
You are my God and helpless son
My ruler of mankind

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