Catholic Boston Journal Withdraws Gay Devil Article Update

This article from Bill over at Bilgrimage  and another here from Thom at Faith in The 21st Century explain the furore over how a Boston USA Catholic newspaper published an article indicting same sex attraction and the devil. 
It has left many stunned and angry.

The article has been withdrawn and an apology from the Bishops has been issued.

The fact that the published article was written by a Catholic lawyer and Associate Director for Policy and Research for the U.S. Catholic Bishops Conference makes me even more angry.

Thankfully people have responded to denounce it. 

Fr.James Martin, a Jesuit priest, supports The Pilot's decision to retract the column.
"Satan doesn't create homosexuality any more than Satan creates heterosexuality," 

Martin told The Huffington Post in an email. "God creates gays and lesbians, loves them into being, and loves them into eternity.

"Opining that their sexuality comes from satanic forces seems to be in opposition to the Catechism," he added.

The US Catholic says :
"Gay, lesbian, and bisexual Christians have long complained of the "spiritual violence" done to them by traditional Christian attitudes toward homosexuality. 
The ideas expressed by Avila are justly described as spiritual violence because they call into question the fundamental dignity of God's daughters and sons who are gay, lesbian, or bisexual. 
These women and men--many of whom are members of the church through their baptism--are no more in need of redemption than any other human being because of their sexual orientation, and it is time for the U.S. bishops to say so in unequivocal terms, especially now that one of their own employees has harmed lesbian, bisexual, and gay people in such a profound and shocking way."

Deacon Greg's article at The Deacon's Bench is here
Fr.Austin Fleming at A Concord Pastor Comments has written to the newspaper- his response to it is here

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