Songs For The Weekend

Prayers for everyone this weekend..
Have a good one. 

I am feeling pretty overwhelmed with things going in in the wider world and the church(!) at the moment so I would appreciate a prayer, if that's OK.

For me, these songs are prayers.

The commentary running at the bottom of the videos are really too much for me. I'm not sure I even understand all of them but I couldn't find any other video to go with the songs.

The stills are nice though .

The first one was sparked off by a remark that Fr. James Martin said the other day in response to the article written by Avila ( see previous post) on gays and the devil.

Fr James just said "And Jesus Wept" and that made me think of all the hateful vitriol that is poured out in words day after day that make Jesus weep. I just wish this homophobia would stop. 

My own responses are often the wrong ones too but I can't tolerate the rubbish that Avila wanted to promulgate.

The second song is on the same topic. 
Avila's article carved out a "valley of sorrow in my soul" for all those who have been damaged by his deeply misguided and oppressive words. 

Simple !! 

(By the way, it's not my movie! )

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