Tibet's Cry For Help

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Days ago, a 35 year old Buddhist nun , Palden Choetso walked out of her nunnery, covered herself in petrol and set herself on fire while pleading for a 'free Tibet'. 

Minutes later she died. In the past month, nine monks and nuns have self-immolated to protest a growing Chinese crackdown on the peaceful Tibetan people.


These tragic acts are a desperate cry for help. Machine gun-toting Chinese security forces are beating and disappearing monks, laying siege to monasteries, and even killing elderly people defending them -- all in an effort to suppress Tibetan rights. 

China severely restricts access to the region. But if pressure is put on key governments to send diplomats in and expose this growing brutality, lives could be saved.We have to act fast -- this horrific situation is spiraling out of control behind a censorship curtain. 

 In this BBC article The Dalai Lama ,Tibetan's spiritual leader, speaking  to journalists in Tokyo Japan, said hard-line officials had created a "desperate" situation. 

"Chinese communist propaganda creates a very rosy picture,
but actually, including many Chinese from mainland China who visit Tibet, they all have the impression things are terrible."
Some kind of policy, some kind of cultural genocide is taking place."

 In March 2008, the largest anti-China protests in two decades erupted in Tibet and spread to ethnic Tibetan areas of surrounding provinces. 
Tibetans say that Chinese rule and the large-scale migration of Han Chinese are eroding their culture and traditions. They says that Beijing does not allow them to practise their religion freely. 

Beijing says it is raising standards of living in the region with its investment, and so providing Tibetans with better lives. It says Tibetans have religious freedom.

  Please help by signing this massive online petition  to the six world leaders with the most influence in Beijing to send an independent diplomatic mission to Tibet and speak out against the repression and prevent more deaths.

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