Merry Christmas From Across The World - Brilliant

A bunch of Merry Christmas videos in many languages from all over the world - yes it's been done before you might say, so what's so special ?

Each short video on its own doesn't seem to amount to much but I think it's the fact that someone has managed to collect them all into one single place that is brilliant plus the fact that they are all so different in style. 

It's like having a vast compendium of Skype's available on one screen.

It never ceases to amaze me that the web has such potential for human connectivity and I found it quite moving ! 

It got me thinking how it could be used for other purposes- maybe it would be nice to use it to say one big global thank you to God !!

Maybe this is how we will all communicate in the future and maybe God's even got one of these, but God's would be on a much bigger scale of course.

What if God started to use it to communicate with us ?? 
Click on link here to take you to the site to see for yourself.

Here's an example of just one of the videos...

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