Homosexuality and the Catholic Church: Two Articles

I haven't a lot of time today but these two articles here are interesting reading in the ongoing debate in the Catholic church on homosexuality.

This one by a female journalist Kristina Keneally from Eureka Street Magazine, a publication of Jesuit communications Australia is titled Why I Support Gay Marriage

and this one by James Martin S.J from his blog "In All Things" in America Magazine

My own opinions on this are that there are certain ministers of the church like James Martin trying to be subjectively sincere, even while the hierarchical/institutional structures are still being objectively abusive in the terms they use in the catechism.
It also apparent that it is a form of institutional narcissism to ask people to consider themselves in need of the love and guidance of a church which basically is spiritually abusing them in subtle ways. It is almost akin to encouraging a form of co-dependency. 
Whether the debates are on Natural law, the nature of Marriage, or Same sex union, what matters most  to me in any loving relationship are fidelity, integrity and chastity. 

These three things are what the church has to enable and encourage in hetero and homosexual relationships.
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