The Hidden Tiger Within

The Hidden Tiger Within 

"A young lad was passing a sculptor's yard somewhere in Italy. He was on his way to school. He noticed a huge block of marble in the middle of the yard. 

For the following few months, as he passed by, the front doors were closed, but he could hear the sculptor chipping away. 

After several months, he passed by, and saw that the front doors were open. 

He stood transfixed in amazement.

 Where the block of marble had been, stood a giant sculptured tiger. 
It was so life-like, with powerful muscles, and a real sense of aggressive movements. 

Italian marble tiger Image Source

He stood looking at it for a while, and then he approached the sculptor. 

He tugged his coat, looked up into his face with awe, as he whispered 'Excuse me, sir, but how did you know there was a tiger in there?'

Jesus looks at each of us, and he sees the possibilities. He cannot begin, however, without our openness and goodwill ... "

By Jack Mc Ardle
And that’s the Gospel Truth 

Although this one is not marble it is still a great sculpture with St Paul's Cathedral, London in the background taken at the Thames Festival in 2010. 
The sculpture was used to raise money for the Save The Tiger charity. 
Photographer: Philip Pound from here

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