Holy Trinity Sunday 2012

Scripture Readings for Sunday's Mass are here
Various reflections from St Louis University Centre for Liturgy are here 
Nice reflection from gratefulness.org here 
A Trinity of reflections here

English Anglican Ann Persson is the author of The Circle of Love:  Praying with Rublev's Icon of the Trinity 

Andrei Rublev was the painter of one of the most well known icons of The Holy Trinity.

She gave this wonderfully engaging talk at St Paul's Cathedral, London, which is well worth a listen. 

There is a slight time lag before the icon she refers to is shown on the video so here  is the one she refers to which should make it easier to periodically switch to during the video.

 Of particular interest is her emphasis towards the end on the empty space at the table, which is an invitation to the viewer to join in the life of the Trinity.

Another great reflection on Rublev's Trinity here from Catholic Deacon Scott Dodge
using a more polished version of the painting shown below

                                           Stained glass version of the Trinity Source

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