International Eucharistic Congress Ireland 2012


I will be away when this takes place but I wish it every success.

The 50th International Eucharistic Congress 2012 is being held over 8 days from June 10th to 17th in Dublin. All the details of the daily programmes, links on information, and registration details are available online here at the IEC2012 website.

Check out the Sacred Space102 fm blog site from Limerick .
It is the place to follow as the build up to the congress occurs with lots of up to date coverage, podcasts and information.


 Fr. Kevin Doran, secretary general of the event said

While “no single event is going to bring about renewal” in the Irish Church at once." he believes the global Eucharistic gathering will be an important step in the process. 

A revival of Irish Catholicism, he suggested, starts with interior spiritual change rather than an outward restoration.

The congress “is not about specifically the renewal of structures, but about the re-positioning of people's hearts.”

 Please keep the people of Ireland in your prayers this Pentecost.
IEC Prayer
Lord Jesus,
You were sent by the Father
to gather together those who are scattered.

You came among us, doing good and bringing healing,
announcing the Word of salvation
and giving the Bread which lasts forever.

Be our companion on life’s pilgrim way.

May your Holy Spirit inflame our hearts,
enliven our hope and open our minds,
so that together with our sisters and brothers in faith
we may recognise you in the Scriptures
and in the breaking of bread.

May your Holy Spirit transform us into one body
and lead us to walk humbly on the earth,
in justice and love,
as witnesses of your resurrection.

In communion with Mary,
whom you gave to us as our Mother
 at the foot of the cross,
through you
may all praise, honour and blessing be to the Father
in the Holy Spirit and in the Church,
Now and forever.


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