The Sweetness Of The Spirit Baba Yetu

Holy Spirit
Whenever you see
the leap and dance of fire in a fireplace,
whenever you see and hear
the whip or whirl or whisper of wind,
whenever you see and hear the wind
shaking and stripping a tree naked of its leaves,
whenever you see the glide of a dove,
sailing or hovering over a field of wheat
or the grapes in a vineyard,
you’re seeing glimpses
of God the Holy Spirit.

Pause and pick a grape.
Taste the sweetness of the Spirit.

                                                 Irish Blessing  by Andrew Costello, C.Ss.R. Source

This is Baba Yetu : Our Father, sung in Swahili
These kids are a delight to watch and so full of energy and the Spirit !!
Different language : one body in Christ

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