The Clouds Veil

A lovely version of the hymn, The Clouds Veil by Liam Lawton
Sung by Anders Tangaa Jensen
Guitar: Mikkel Vale

The church is in Copenhagen, and you can see the altarpiece painting 
of The Ascension.

It takes about a minute to get into it !


Even though the rain hides the stars, 
even though the mist swirls the hills,
even when the dark clouds veil the sky,
God is by my side.

Even when the sun shall fall in sleep,
even when at dawn the sky shall weep,
even in the night when storms shall rise,
God is by my side. 
God is by my side.

Bright the stars at night
that mirror heaven's way to you.
Bright the stars in light 
where dwell the saints in love and truth.

Deep the feast of life 
where saints shall gather in deep peace.
Deep in heaven's light
where sorrows pass beyond death's sleep.


Blest are they who sing
the fellowship of saints in light. 
Blest in heaven's King.
All saints adore the Lord, most high.


 Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives - Site of the Ascension
    from here.


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