Largest Gathering of World Poets in The UK: It's Raining Poetry

The "biggest gathering of world poets" seen in the UK is under way at London's Southbank Centre.

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Poetry Parnassus is the UK's largest poetry project, representing 204 Olympic nations and is part of the London 2012 Festival.

List of poets and poems here

Above the gathering of poets, 100,000 bookmark-shaped poems were dropped from a helicopter on Tuesday.

BBC News went along to find interview people about their favourite poems from some of the world's poets.

 I can't embed it but this is the link to a great video - it's short but there are some truly great poems here and it's lovely to hear them spoken by so many people from different countries. Video produced by Rachel Curtis.  

Rain of Poems footage courtesy of Chilean arts collective Casagrande - more information here
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