Poem and Prayer for Year of Faith

This is a give-away poem
 You have come gathering
 You have made a circle with me…
 Within this basket is something
 you have been looking for
 all of your life.
 Come take it
 Take as much as you want
       I give you seeds of a new way. . .
  this is a give-away poem
  I cannot go home
  until you have taken everything
  and the basket which held it

  When my hands are empty
  I will be full

                 Poem text comes from Imaging the Word: An Arts and Lectionary Resource, Volume 3
                 Eds. Blain, Gouwens, O’Callaghan,Spradling
                     United Press Church, 1996.

        Images added are my own selection

Come Holy Spirit, Spirit of Love, Spirit of Discipline,
In the silence 
Come to us and bring us your peace;
Rest in us that we may be tranquil and still;
Speak to us as each heart needs to hear;
Reveal to us things hidden and things longed for;
Rejoice in us that we may praise and be glad;
Pray in us that we may be at one with you and with each other;
Refresh and renew us from your living springs of water;
Dwell in us now and always, Amen.

        by Father Robert Llewelyn

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