The First International Day of The Girl

Today is the first ever International Day of the Girl.

The aim of this day is to raise awareness to the fact that millions of girls around the world are denied the access to education. Plan UK are also encouraging people to take a minute to sign their petition to the UN Secretary General to make girls education a priority. 

As many as one in three girls worldwide are denied an education due to poverty, discrimination and/or violence. This is why it's so important to support Plan UK's petition to put pressure on the UN to ensure that more girls are given the means to reach their potential. 

The news this week of the shooting of  a 14 year old Pakistan girl Malala Yousafazai by a Taliban militant because she had the courage to spoke out about lack of education and other child rights has shocked the world and highlights the plight of so many others and the need for a day like today.

Thankfully, Malala is now recovering in hospital after being shot in the head and neck.

You can read more on her from this BBC site including her  BBC diary about life under the Taliban which she began writing anonymously in 200.

So on 11 October 2012, the first ever International Day of the Girl, please blog and tweet about the petition - the more we show our support, the more we can help change the future of so many girls so that they can choose their own future.

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