This Lone Brightness: Videos on The Life of Matthew Kelty

My previous post featured a chant from the Monks of Gethesemani
So when I came across these three recently uploaded videos on the life of Fr Matthew Kelty who spent most of his life there, it was a delight.  

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The text below is by Michael Bever from the Vimeo site.

"This film was shot and edited after the style of the great filmmaker Robert Flaherty. This means, among other things, I allowed my subject to speak at length on camera, several hours a day, over 3 weeks, with sparse direction from me, thus freeing him to be himself on camera. This is a notable aspect of the film.
The "documentary" is a portrait of Thomas Merton's close friend and confessor,, the legendary Father Matthew Kelty, (although in the second part of Bever's film Thomas Kelty seems to contradict/qualify somewhat Bever's description here of his relationship with Merton.)

We became friends in 1996 and maintained a close communion until his his death in February of 2011 at 95.

He and I labored on this film for over 6 years. The abbot during most of the period, Fr. Damien Thompson, of the renowned (Cistercian) Abbey of Gethsemani near Bardstown KY, allowed us full reign. As he said to me early on, "Anything Father Matthew wants is fine with me." The film was shot completely on location, including a long chat by the fireplace in Merton's hermitage.

I also received enormous help and support from the Robert and Frances Flaherty Film Study Center in Claremont, CA. Executive Director Dr. Jack Coogan was a stalwart film guide and mentor throughout the project.

I also mention with great appreciation the credits the music of my amazing friend, Joel Harper, of the Claremont Folk Music Center in Claremont CA. He put down so much gorgeous instrumental music. Joel "got" the film and composed, performed and recorded all this brilliant and inspired music as he watched the raw footage.

Father Matthew and I decided not to compete with other videos being sold for profit. I made about 200 of these and we gave them away to friends and family. Now, we share it with the world.

Father Matthew was a man "in touch with the deeps" as he used to say.
Thus this is a film on many levels. Perhaps mildly interesting as documentary, it also presents to one who takes the time to watch and listen, a powerful presentation of the "dazzling darkness" of Spirit.

Father Matthew's spirit, I suggest, is as much alive as it was when we made the film.
This Lone Brightness attempts a subtle painting of a remarkable human being. A true work of love. Enjoy."
NB There may be a time lag/ slow start of approx 30 -60 secs delay on these videos which ain't my fault ! You just have to be patient !!

This Lone Brightness Part One

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