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There's certainly been a lot caught in the net this last week.

Here you go...

Final paragraph below: 

 "But no one launching an attack upon the papal elections, Vatican finances, sexism and the rest should think that they are attacking Catholicism per se. From my perspective, our Catholic Church is vibrant, helpful, intellectual, and working in so many ways to fulfill the message to love God and to love, and reach out to, one’s unknown neighbor. Everything else is, well, footnotes."

A few of my own thoughts :
The article above supplies some balance in the face of a deluge of bad press, but I don't think what is happening in the church is a footnote; more a necessary prelude to the need for deep seated change and reform.

From the BBC World Service Series, Hard Talk , Zeinab Badawi speaks challengingly to Father Bernard Lynch, one of a few openly gay Catholic priests. How will the church recover from these embarrassing blows at a time of historic transition?
  • Excellent Video interview can be seen by clicking here
A few more articles well worth a read........
Extract below:
 "The coming to light of these tales is a positive development. "Methinks the lady doth protest" is a well worn cliche, but from here on in, those who seek to cover their own guilty tracks by the uncharitable nature of their words know that a watching public is getting wiser to some of the unfortunate mind games that have been played out over the decades."

******UPDATE ***** 
This is a follow up article in this Saturday's Guardian ( 02.03.13) on Archbishop Keith O'Brien, by the reporter who dealt with the story from the beginning.
  • Prof Tina Beattie locks horns with Ray Flynn on World Radio . Listen here. (It's in the first part of the programme.)
  • Australia Catholica Magazine has a three part commentary examining the legacy of Pope Benedict XVI  from Canadian academic Dr Julius-Kei Kato. Again, seemingly serendipitously, it arrives amidst a heightened conversation on their forum about the nature and pursuit of truth.
       The perennial question asked by Pilate of Jesus  is "What is truth?"
        Dr Kato explores "What has been Benedict's truth"; and has it been the correct 
        interpretation ?

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