Update Crufts Friends For Life

 Just getting into shape for Crufts Best in Show on Sunday.

I have enjoyed watching Crufts this week, particularly the Friends For Life series which celebrates heart-warming stories of friendship in adversity, where dogs have truly earned the title of man's best friend, through bravery, support or companionship.

Here's just one story.

Owen and Haatchi are 2 finalists in this year’s Friends for Life final. Haatchi is a three legged stray Anatolian Shepherd Dog who turned the life of a boy with a rare genetic disease around, just one month after he was struck by a train (and consequently had to have his tail and leg amputated) after being deliberately tied to a railway line. 

If you let the video continue you can see the other stories on the series....
They are all winners.

 Update ***** Owen and Haatchi gained the most public votes and were awarded first prize !!

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