Who Is My Neighbour ? Bro Philip Pinto Trocaire 40th Anniversary Video Lecture

This is a compelling speech with some memorable quotations from Elle Hillesum and Albert Einstein's words on crisis, and this one : "As I go through life I'm beginning to realise that everything hinges around my image of God -The God we believe in will show God's self in the way we act."

Watch the full 45 minute lecture – Who Is My Neighbour? Building A ‘Civilisation of Love’ in an Unequal World – delivered by Brother Philip Pinto on the occasion of Trócaire’s 40th Anniversary:  40 years of groundbreaking work with the poorest and most vulnerable people in the developing world.

Trócaire tackles the root causes of poverty, addressing issues such as of food security, human rights, gender equality and HIV. It works with local partner organisations that understand the challenges faced by communities in the hardest hit regions of the world. It strives to educate and inform the public on issues of global justice. 

Brother Philip Pinto cfc  is the Congregational Leader of the Christian Brothers.  A truly inspiring speaker, he is well-known internationally for leading retreats and delivering keynote addresses.  

Born and raised in New Delhi, he blends within himself the best wisdom of the East and the West.

It was recorded in St Patrick’s College Maynooth, Ireland on 5th March 2013.
You can read more on the work of Trocaire here.

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