Cardinal Tagle Video Series

Vatican Radio have produced a special 5-part YouTube series featuring a conversation with Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, the Archbishop of Manila in the Philippines. 

Some may remember this man who couldn't hold back his tears as he received his red biretta and ring from Pope Benedict XVI  last November. 
The second youngest in the College of Cardinals said “I cry easily and I guess when you are before a great mystery that you know is beyond you, a calling, a grace, a mission, then you tremble but at the same time you're happy. For me, tears just come naturally.”  

There are some similarities with Pope Francis too. He takes the bus, eschews clerical privilege, rides a cheap bike, and exudes simplicity, humility, and down-to-earthiness.
He is an outspoken advocate of the poor. He's also from a country that has suffered two rounds of colonialism (Spain and the United States.)

He's a great communicator - his Facebook page has more than 118,000 'Likes' and he also has a YouTube channel.

Shortly after the news broke that Benedict XVI would step down, his name was floated as a potential next in line.

You can read more about him in this recent article here.

This CNN article from March also gives some insight.

In this first part below Cardinal Tagle speaks about his own personal experience of growth in Faith, and how it led him to the priesthood.

"Looking back at my own experience and growth in faith, I am more and more convinced that faith is a relationship with Jesus Christ, the living God, which is fundamentally a gift to me," Cardinal Tagle said. "I did not produce it in my life. I did not discover it by myself."

A new episode will appear every 3 days. Here's the first one. I'll post the rest as and when they appear.

Second  Video - In this latest installment, Cardinal Tagle speaks about how the theological virtue of hope has worked in his life and how it works in the life of the Church. "Finding sense," said Cardinal Tagle, "finding meaning, and believing that the story of humanity will have a happy ending, assured by God: that is hope."

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