One Human Family- Food For All - Global Wave of Prayer Day

Today, we are all asked to join in a global “Wave of Prayer” that kicks off a campaign against hunger being launched by Pope Francis.
The campaign is sponsored by Caritas Internationalis, the global network of Catholic relief and development agencies. It responds to the more than 840 million people around the world who suffer from hunger.


At noon local time today, a global wave of prayer will begin on the Pacific island of Samoa and will cascade around the world through each time zone as people pause from their daily routines to pray to end world hunger. 

The prayer will continue until it reaches the island again roughly 24 hours and 164 countries later.

Pope Francis offered his blessing and support for the “One Human Family, Food For All” campaign in a five-minute video message released on the eve of the global launch.

Caritas Internationalis invited its 164 member organisations and local churches to pray for an end to hunger and malnutrition as well as to act on a local, national or global level against food waste and promote food access and security worldwide.

Nearly 1 billion people – or about one in eight people – experienced chronic hunger or undernourishment during 2010-2012, according to the Caritas website.

“One of the worst sounds a parent can hear is their child crying at night tormented by hunger. Many parents living in poverty hear this cry and yet they have no food to give them,” says Honduran Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga of Tegucigalpa, president of Caritas Internationalis in this video message for today.

What's the opposite of "supersize"? Whatever it is, click here to read Cardinal Oscar Maradiaga's reflection to see why we should be doing it.

“There is enough food to feed the planet. We believe that with your help and the help of governments and the UN we can end hunger by 2025,” he added.

Caritas is urging Catholics to take a few moments at noon on December 10 to join the world in praying against hunger as well as engage in long-term action through raising awareness, advocacy, charitable work or other efforts supporting food security.

The right to food is part of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the “Food For All” launch marks the UN’s Human Rights Day.

The Caritas campaign is calling on the UN to hold a session on the right to food at its 2015 General Assembly and is asking governments to guarantee the right to food in national legislation to help alleviate their own citizens’ hunger.

The campaign will continue with a “global week of action” in October 2014 with events aimed at pressuring national governments to support laws for the right to food.
In Rome in May 2015, Caritas Internationalis will also host a general assembly of its members’ leaders to focus specifically on eradicating hunger.

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