Gay Catholic Youth Forum Videos Series of Ten

As a further follow up on my previous recent post here on homosexuality and the Catholic Church I discovered these interesting series of 10 videos.

I have only seen Clip 1 and Clip 9 so far and it raises many issues and questions for me but for now this post will just let the videos speak for themselves.

James Martin's article on Compassion Sensitivity and Respect comes three years after this ??!!

This is taken directly from the blurb on You Tube that goes with the videos.
"This is a segment of a forum for gay and lesbian Catholic youth held during the World Youth Day week in Sydney July 2008. Presented by GLBT Catholic support group Acceptance Sydney (, the forum asks the rhetorical question "Is there a place for gay and lesbian Catholic youth in the Church?".

Speakers included a parent couple with two gay sons, a youth worker from a GLBT support agency, a young gay Catholic guy and a Jesuit priest. A short play, "Boys Don't Cry", was also presented. Due to video limitations the series is split the broadcast into 10 clips representing the 6 speakers involved in the forum. Acceptance Sydney's mission statement is to provide a safe, spiritual and social environment for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Catholics their family and friends. (from the moderator : Check out CLIP 9 from the Jesuit priest, Fr Donal Godfrey, Executive Director of University Ministry at The University of California, Doctorate of Ministry and author of Gays and Grays the story of the gay community at Holy Redeemer Catholic parish San Francisco .. very interesting.)"

Clip 1

Clip 9

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