Women's Souls Cannot Be Killed

I always love it when I come across a writer whose sincerity and passion shine through their words and I love it when I come across a new phrase or a word jumps out from the page and excites me because it reverberates with such power and vitality of meaning...........a real stroke of grace.....

This is a terrific article  ( by Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes). I urge you to read the whole article but to whet your appetite below are the key parts that I find particularly good and that phrase !!

My grandmother, Katerin, used to talk back to the priest on TV. She had an entire litany: Don’t tell me to be like Blessed Mother if you don’t really mean it all the way down to your bones, Father. 
Blessed Mother didn’t let anyone tell her what to do, except God. So, unless you’re God, don’t be trying to tell us what to do all the time. I just got a big phone call from heaven: God says there’s a big difference between really being God, and just thinking you are.” 

The Blessed Mother is sometimes called in Spanish, La Sueñodora, the holy one who shows us we are pregnant with brave new dreams, and she expects us to follow through ... all the way .... as she did ... no matter how many human beings object. 

The tenderness professed by the church hierarchy toward the “specialness of women” is not proven by rewarding those women who never rock the boat, but rather by standing with those who are innocents, by backing up those who have taken the risks of standing as modern Blessed Mothers in this world so intent on high-tech stoning those women pregnant with brave new dreams, which Our Lady expects us to follow through with ... all the way .... as she did ... no matter which or how many human beings object. 
El rio debajo del rio
Mysteriously, there is clearly a force that remains alive in women and those who love them, despite all detractions and efforts to silence the women, despite all unspeakable behavior by strangers, pundits, opiners, prelates and their cohorts toward women, both under the table, behind closed doors, as well as in public. 

Somehow el rio debajo del rio continues to flow forcefully and around the poisonous people, those who have too much love of obstructionism.

The rio debajo del rio, the river beneath the river, flows clean and clear, straight into the souls of those who carry and protect even the slightest movement of sweet and fierce God-shimmer on earth.
One can silence another’s words, but cannot ever kill the Soul.

Throughout history, despots and despicables, the purposefully blind and the crony protectionists -- male and female both -- have had to learn the same harsh lesson over and over. That is, no matter how many women they cause to be killed, exiled, slandered, evicted, demeaned, or diminished by innuendo, by omission or commission, there will still be thousands waiting to take the place of any who have been shamed or harmed in spirit, soul or body.

When any woman of good intent and true inspirare is punished or penalized -- no matter if one living vessel or 100 living vessels are harmed and silenced -- there will still be thousands and millions more living vessels of great capacity waiting to take their sisters’ place.
The supply of souls on earth to go up against the minority of those who would attempt to quash direct and humane instruction from a Source greater is legion.

If you want more sustenance there is a feast of Clarissa's writings here


claire said...

Thank you for recommending me this post, Phil. Yes, Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes is a remarkable person and writer.
I particularly remember her Do Not Lose Heart, We Were Made For These Times which I remember reading shortly after 9/11.
Enough with writing, I must go and do the reading!

Philomena Ewing said...

I feel ashamed that I have only discovered her work now !!
Thanks for reply and hope you enjoy a feast of reading.
Bless you